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I may be short, but with my stepladder I can be any height I want! My couples love my upbeat but calming personality and ability to keep the day on track. I'm extremely detail oriented, making sure my clients look their best before I ever take a photo and again during post-processing. I also love styling beautiful, magazine-worthy details. My grooms and groomsmen complement me on my good sense of humor, which is sometimes necessary as a wedding photographer! My brides love that I'm there to support them throughout the planning process, allowing them to enjoy their wedding and get the most beautiful photos! I really love what I do, and I hope that I have the opportunity to work with you!

Hello, I'm jen!


always be known for your kindness and grace

what i have with you, i don't want with anyone else.

My ideal bride is kind, excited for her marriage, loves and appreciates the people around her, is laid-back and open to suggestions, is joyful and sentimental, has put thought into the little details, and is excited for photos and willing to set aside time on her wedding day for beautiful portraits.

My ideal groom is easy-going, matches his bride's excitement for their marriage, is kind to others, is happy and willing to let his guard down in front of the camera, understands the value of photography and is willing to set time aside on his wedding day for portraits, has special details that represents who he is, and has a great sense of humor.

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based in st louis, missouri

Jennifer Klink